Welcome to my Blog

Well after years of talking about it and promising to do it I have finally taken the plunge. Thanks to all my PLN for their support and encouragement in getting me to here. Over the next few blogs I will be referring to them personally.

What can you expect on LearnKotch blog – well if you follow me on twitter (@learnkotch) you will get more of the same just in a few more words.

I am passionate about L&D and I am also a believer of constructive and active discussion on a broad¬†range of L&D issues. L&D folk are great to work with and we all love to share and interact – after all we are in the people profession ¬†– but what we don’t do as well as other professions is challenge and question each other.

My aim is to provide my perspective on various L&D issues, challenge some of the concepts been floated but most importantly strengthen the L&D profession and challenge us to continue to innovate L&D offerings and processes.

So welcome to my humble Blog, bear with me as I get to grips with blogging, but most of all please leave me feedback as to how I can improve and any thoughts you may have on my “musings”.

Watch out world here comes LearnKotch…..