Product Review: Cognology Onboarding Module

Recently I had the opportunity to view and access a new cloud-based Onboarding Module launched by Cognology.

My video review of this module can be viewed below:

I was impressed with the module mainly due to its ease of use and flexibility. The ability for the new hire to work through their Onboarding process in a seamless straight forward manner and for HR to be able to customise an Onboarding process that suited their needs is a stand out feature of this module.

Both the new hire and the HR Administrator are able to utilise the module with a minimum of training or support – I was able to get up and running after a brief demo!

For the new hire it is a straight forward step by step process to complete and submit their Onboarding requirements, ensuring that their key documents, such as their Personal details, their Banking details, their Tax Forms and other relevant documentation can be easily captured and uploaded and easily submitted to the relevant area, all even before they enter the premises on their first day.

In addition, the module is so flexible that it allows you to add extra information for the new hire, such as Goals, Values, and Business Plans, whilst also highlighting the names and email addresses of the key people the new hire will be meeting and/or working with on their first day(s).

The ability to also show the location (Google Map), the local eateries and public transport offerings surrounding your organisation’s premises are great features that can be included to make that new job experience all that more enjoyable.

From an HR Administrator perspective, the ability to customise the entire Onboarding process, add contracts (and other relevant information) for signing and submitting minimises the paperwork traffic and the reliance on “snail mail” to finalise your Onboarding process.

Overall, a highly customisable and configurable Onboarding module that works with your organisation’s needs and processes, whilst ensuring your new hire has a pleasant and effective experience.


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