Work Out Loud: A Blog a Day…Day 5: What a Big Week in Blogging…

Well if you are reading this, you will know that I have made it !

Starting as a challenge on an #Ozlearn tweet chat and putting into reality this week, I never really thought I had it in me, but as true L&D Professional I persevered and here I am (and in one piece).

In keeping with my “Practice what you Preach” motto (see earlier blog of same title), I will summarise what I have I learnt this week about my PLN, the L&D / HR profession and myself.

1. I learnt that my Personal Learning Network (PLN) is strong – it is very supportive, caring and also very interested in what I have to say. Sometime you sit there thinking whether someone would want to listen to what you have to say. In my previous life (i.e. when I had a real job) I was precluded from blogging due to the social media policy of the organisation. This week, receiving comments from all over the world, I was flabbergasted that people were keen to read what I had to say.  Some like Paul R, Helen B, Andrew J, Nick L and Shannon T challenged me – they made me contemplate further some of the topics I was discussing. More importantly they took the time to leave me comments and provide the perfect “sandwich feedback” :  – start with a positive, provide some constructive feedback and always finish on a high.

A big thanks also to all those who left me messages of support and encouragement on Twitter and LinkedIn – greatly appreciated !

2. I learnt that L&D / HR professionals need to play a more active role and lead the discussions in our organisations, peer networks and professional associations on the merits of Social Media as a powerful professional learning and networking tool.  This Twitter thing is not about the Kardashians or the Biebers – it is about connecting. interacting, sharing and learning via the most effective and efficient means currently available to us as techno savvy individuals. Attending the Australian Human Resources National Convention (as a guest visitor not a delegate) I was surprised and also disappointed how many delegates / vendors / visitors were actually tweeting live from the event.  Comparing it to the recent #LT14UK event I was following on twitter, it was like watching paint dry – by the time the next tweet from #AHRINC came through, I had a coffee and cake and was losing interest. In yesterday’s blog I urged all L&D / HR practitioners in Australia to follow the upcoming #LearningLive event hosted by the Learning and Performance Institute (@YourLPI) in the UK. This will provide you with an example of how an L&D conference can be structured by an organised team of committed and dedicated professionals.

3. So what did I learn about myself – I learnt that I can blog if I really want to. I learnt that Working Out Loud (the inspiration for this series of blogs) is really OK – the fear of been ridiculed or shunned because I may have not conveyed fully formed views is empowering. People don’t actually mind reading some one who writes with passion and tells it as it is. Bloggers are kind and understanding of each other  because they all understand the challenges of blogging. I learnt that I can make a difference to the learning profession. I learnt that if you network and socialise with your PLN and support groups you will continue to learn and evolve as a professional and an individual. I learnt that if you speak your mind on issues and challenge “fads” people will listen but also respond, because they have  the same passion as you do !

A big thanks to my family for their support during this week – allowing me time to network and write whilst  encouraging me to say it as it is, has been great.

One last thing I learnt is that life is short, health is wealth and my PLN is my strength!

So, a big thank you to all of you – no matter where in the world you are, I hope you enjoyed my series of blogs – it has been a blast having you along for the ride.

Lastly the “Big Tease” has a response for my friend and Work Out Loud practitioner, Michelle Ockers:

No Michelle I will not be blogging daily BUT will be blogging more often 😉

Till next time, take care…



5 thoughts on “Work Out Loud: A Blog a Day…Day 5: What a Big Week in Blogging…

  1. Well done Con! Nice summary of the week.

    Isn’t it wonderful, the power of a network? Support comes from far reaching corners and makes an appearance when we most need it and least expect it.

    Like you, I have had those moments of “Here, I go…I’m pressing the publish button…no, just one more review…okay, now…no wait, I want to be sure my message is accurate…okay, now…Hold breath, click button, and hope the internet doesn’t explode…then catch a typo…CRAP… republish”

    I think what is key, and as you have discovered, is you should stick to your point of view and don’t get distracted by what you believe other people want to read. It’s actually quite simple, they are on your site and therefore they want to read what you have to say. If they don’t like it they’ll leave, and that’s okay too. Others, like me, will come back and visit.

    I love a good debate, so keep rocking and rolling my friend! See you on the interweb!


    • Spot on Shannon. I’ve got back into the habit of setting myself deadlines for posts. I’m back to Tuesday/Friday/Tuesday blogging again and I’ve found that I tend to schedule them. It forces me to write them and provides a window for any additional edits.

      Good to see you’re blogging Con and keep it up, if not daily at least weekly.


  2. Wow, well done Con!! You said you’d do it and you did!! (A lot more than I can say….I didn’t even make it to one post – eek. Other commitments – i.e. excuses, ah well..). Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey and learning. I agree, that one big revelation with blogging is that there is a really strong and supportive community out there – particularly so if that community is your own PLN. Look forward to backtracking your other posts from the week!


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