Work Out Loud: A Blog a Day…Day 3: Why I love what I do !

Hi all – welcome to Day 3 and I am half way there…

Today I had the privilege (yes it is a great privilege) to meet up with my Third Place group. It is so great to be part of such a diverse bunch of people, yet we all have one thing in common – we are all Learning Professionals who are keen to help our clients / our organisations achieve their outcomes.

Listening to the range of projects the group was working on, how they approached their work and to see them all smiling and having so much passion in their stories, was so heart warming.

Got me thinking about the business I am in. Even though I have been out of an organisation for a few months now, my desire and passion for the learning profession still burns like a furnace. Even though I don’t have colleagues who I can hassle at the water cooler or over lunch on L&D issues, I am still so passionate about developing people and helping organisations achieve their outcomes. I still do my research, still read L&D blogs, participate in Communities of Practice, convene #Ozlearn and read books (Clark Quinn currently and then on to Nigel Paine) – some may say but why Con you no longer need to do all this – my response, yes I do because it is who I am.

Looking back, even though I trained as an Tax Accountant, I am glad I made the move to Learning and Development – a more rewarding career I could not have chosen (and I am not talking cash either) !

Sitting there today and listening to my Third Place group interact and outline what they were each doing and seeing the impact they are having, confirmed for me that I am in the “right” business.

Having Nigel Paine, a respected and highly regarded learning professional also join us and watching him listen to what everyone was contributing was great.  Nigel has travelled the world and has spoken, trained and interacted with so many people, but to see him listening intently and contributing his “pearls of wisdom” topped off the day. Thanks Nigel for taking the time to support our “little” L&D group – I for one appreciate it !

Some of us continued on to the AHRI National Convention (#AHRINC) and visited the exhibition. I had a great time talking to a number of vendors and understanding what they had on offer. They were all so pleasant and easy to speak to – made me feel welcome, shared some of their “freebies” and took time to hear what I was doing and what I was interested in.

Again, it confirmed to me that the HR/L&D profession is a caring and sharing group and one I am so glad to be part of !!!

Till tomorrow, when we get into the home straight, take care…


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