It’s been a while..

Gee it has been a while since I last blogged and I have so much to say and write about – but I have to resist the temptation and “Practice what I Preach”.

A number of things have irked me this week but then again a number of other things have inspired me – I don’t know where to start – but here goes:

The MOOC debate is continuing and I am seeing more and more research and blogs posted on why MOOCs are not as successful / have a long way to go – now please note I don’t go looking for such posts but they just appear in my Twitter feed – just like bees to honey so are MOOCs to LearnKotch !!!

I also started reading Mr Quinn’s Book – you know the one that has the word REVOLUTIONISE spelt incorrectly šŸ˜‰ – boyĀ did that get off an a high – another Manifesto right in my face – put me off slightly but I will toil through it and see how I go – after all I need to justify the cost of all these AMAZON purchases to my spouse otherwise the VISA card will get a workout !

Lastly I had the high of two great events: Ozlearn on Tuesday night was magic – one of the best attended for a while. I am so glad Ozlearn continues to grow. Ā I try to find L&D topics/matters of interest to our group and to date I think we are doing very well. Having Laura OvertonĀ last month was great and Simon Terry this month was super! A big thanks to the Ozlearn crew of Helen, Matt and Tanya who support me on this monthly chat.

The other high was of course Nigel’s Learning Impact Measurement masterclass on Thursday – so practical and thought provoking. Nigel got the group interacting so well and the synergy in the room was amazing. He is a master and he knows his craft. Even though I know Evaluation well, I did learn a few new things. Thanks Nigel @ebase!

One participant summed it up bestĀ – “This is Not RocketĀ Science”.

I leave you with that thought – let’sĀ stopĀ over engineering and complicating this L&D business – stick to the basics, getĀ innovative, measure the impact, challenge your L&D colleagues and align learning with your business – its thatĀ simple !

More next week – when I will blog EVERY DAY !


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